Pat Martino – The Nature of Guitar


Over the past two years I have been honored to work with Pat Martino as Co-Producer/Musical Consultant for a very exciting project called “Pat Martino – The Nature of Guitar”. In conjunction with my friends at True Fire this program documents Pat’s unique approach to the instrument and music as a whole. It contains over five hours of video instructions along with hundreds of pages of reference material and transcriptions. And it’s being released TODAY! This has been an epic project that will continue to evolve. But for the moment I invite you to check it out.

Pat Martino – The Nature of Guitar



I currently find myself in the midst of a number of very exciting projects.  Many of which I am grateful for.  But there are some that, upon further reflection, are really taking away from my energy as a musician and preventing me from moving forward in the way I truly want to.  This time of year always ends up being a period that I approach with reflection upon purpose. My goal over the next six weeks is to try and get the ship on track. I will honor my obligations but I need to find balance where my life is right now artistically, professionally, pedagogically, socially, physically, intellectually, and most importantly, at home.  Big goal for the moment…finishing my major book assignment.  Must finish! I am recognizing my limits in this area and must honor them.  But I will move forward as best as possible.  

I also hope to utilize this blog more moving forward.  I know…I’ve threatened to do so in the past.  But it is very important to me as I think it allows for a certain level of reflection that I need in all my personal pursuits.  Maybe you’ll read it…maybe you won’t.  But I’ll put it out there for your general consumption. Hopefully without judgement on my end.  You can do whatever you wish.  

More to come,


Choosing Your Band – The Oneness of Opposites

In my world, keeping a working band of the same consistent personnel is very challenging. Often times I’ll find myself putting together a band a bit at the last minute. This situation came up last week for me when I had a performance at one of the “jazz rooms” in NYC and the organ trio I had recorded with was unavailable at the last minute. I decided to put together two great musicians who I had played with before in different settings but the three of us had never played together.

Drummer Eliot Zigmund is well known for playing with such jazz luminaries as Bill Evans, Michel Petruccianni and Jim Hall. His style is very sophisticated in a way that adds unique rhythmic colors to an ensemble. He is very interesting to play with and to listen to. Bassist

Chris Berger is a very in demand sideman. He has played with Maynard Ferguson, Herb Ellis, and Loston Harris among others. Chris plays in such a way that he lays the beat right strongly. His accompaniment is very supportive and you can really count on him to be right there for you.

So given these different personalities combined with my way of playing it was a bit of a (calculated) role of the dice. The result? A very enjoyable, inspiring and swinging night of playing. I think that part of this was because of the fact that each of us brought different specific strengths to the bandstand that complimented one another.

I share this story with you to consider your band mates wisely.  Sometimes instead of looking for people who are all out of the same bag, matching musicians with different personalities can bring about an interesting result on the bandstand. It did for me that night and I look forward to exploring music with this trio in the future.


Greetings Bloglings

Here I go.  I’m now committed to this blog idea.  I know I will stumble.  I know it won’t be easy.  But I think it will be a good experience in the end.  I hope to share thoughts about music, teaching, the music business, and just to use this as a portal to put out my thoughts on whatever I am thinking about.  Like composing music I think having a place to write on a regular basis could be a good thing.  Mostly I hope to meet some cool people along the way who help me to grow.  So if you are reading this thanks for taking your valuable time to do so.

PS – I don’t know if  you heard but I have a new CD coming out on Tuesday.  If you feel so inclined check it out at CD Baby. Click here